Monday, September 5, 2011

The Girl from Ipanema

I remember there was an old bossanova song with such title.

The colorful design(of this sink) reminds you of a beach in Rio de Janeiro.

You might also think the design reminds you of Japanese pottery or kimono.

This washbowl counter is the latest model manufactured by Kohler Co., which also makes the washbowl with Prairie flower paints.

It’s so unique, and yet unpleasant at all.

This washbowl counter consists of two parts, the counter and the under sink.

Of course, they are used together, so the pattern continues seamlessly as if it was one sink.

I am sure customers will be surprised if they see such a unique washbowl counter.

There is just one problem in shipping this item, though.

Since sink are very fragile, there is a risk that they are damaged during shipping.

So please be aware of the risk when you place an order.

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