Friday, November 12, 2010

Unique bathtub for Japan

in Japan It’s normally sepatated into bathtub, washroom, sink and dressing room.
On the other hand, people in Western countries concentrate them in one place.
Is it rationalism?

For example, Look at this picture on the above.
It’s takes the traditional-room design concept.
This room provides 2 Pedestal, bath-tub and toilet seat with abundant space.
Including cabinet for towels and small articles. You could have a small break by the chair.
and the Rack is used for holding things such as shampoo in the bath-tub

It can afford to put some flowers on the cabinet.
Not only wall and floor but everything unified to be monotone.
One piece of painting and dark-green flowers brings brilliant colors.

You could feel something like that it makes more brighten on day time.

Next, please look at another picture which you might spend a time on there before sleep.

At the dusk, Sunshine get in through the double-hung window. and
Incandescent light bulb vividly illuminate the pedestal.

A bathtub also contrast well with brightness of downlight.
These effort shows indirect lighting real ability.

It’s the greatest sense of that create a difference visual impact both active time and slow time.
By the way,
all of those products are from Neptune Co. Canada.
Of course, you’ll never get those products from a house-maker except the Home-Made Co.

We’re going to offer you such a unique and original designed interior like that. though It may not be completed quite as same as that on these picture.

It is the advantage of Imported House with that are able to provide a valuable design.

If you have any question. do Not hesitate to contact us.

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  1. What a wonderful bathroom design. It's very elegant and beautiful. I wish I could install that kind of bathroom into my house.