Friday, November 5, 2010

Buy house for wealthy life

What is your priority when you build a house or purchase a condominium?
I believe everyone like this word “Low Cost” and it’s usually on the high rank.

However, If you have only financial problem, Do you really want to have your own house?

In that case, You will be lost your large fortune.
and, It will take 30 years to complete this mortgage.

If you have no idea about your salary in the future.
You better take a leasing condominium than purchasing a house which owing you a lot.
because you could remove to new place easily and you mustn’t pay property tax or maintenance fee periodically. That’ll be very convenience.

To be honest, a lot of people hope to have their own house.

There are some reasons to lose mind themselves, such as Dream, Desire of family, and status to have own house.

Especially People in Nagoya tend to think that way.
I meant there isn’t a perfect leasing condominium.

We think everybody will have own house someday.
also some people aim at real low-cost residence.

It’s strong feeling of that you want to decrease those fixed payment. (described on the above)
Never mind about the quality and design of house, if you secure a room.

We certainly agree with this.

but, does everybody achieve all their aims?

For example,
①Low cost 20 million yen House
②High quality 30 million yen House

Which house do you take?
There is a 10 million difference.

This is the era of super low-interest.
The interest about 3,000~4000 yen per month if you borrow 1 million yen.
I meant, The interest will be 30~40 thousands yen per month if you borrow 10 million yen.

It’s not a big deal!!
If you smoke 1 box of cigarette per day and go to café 2 times a day.
It will cover the payment by this.

Low cost performance doesn’t come up with a wealthy life.
What is real wealthy life?
We think that is to build a 100 years long lasting House. Although these houses also needs maintenance fee.

Nobody feel waste of money to keep up your lovely house.   Do you?

The priority to buy house is that the house is worth the price you’re paying.
Not low price.

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