Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our presentation on Nov. 11th(Thu) and 12th(Fri).

We’re going to have a presentation about Para-Paints at the CMHC seminar which introduces some of Canadian products and techniques. We will show you a kind of Paints for dry wall, Although we don’t have enough time then.

We would like to distribute Color-chart to participant as possible as we can. It will also be delivered if you could not get it.

We’re going to offer our new plan "Dry-wall". The dry-wall interior makes your house more unique and original than that of the other house-maker.

If you have free time or interest in presentation, please come and visit to the seminar.
We will be happy to deal with any further questions.

Date : Nov. 11th(Thu)12:00~18:00
Address: 2-14-8 Tenzin, Tyuuo-ku, Fukuoka
Fukuoka Tenzin Center Building 8F
TKP Tenzin City Center
Map : http://tkptenjin.net/access/
Phone : 092-720-8003

Date : Nov. 12th(Fri)12:00~18:00
Address: 5-4-21 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka
TKP Gate Tower Building Conference 9A/9B
TKP Osaka Umeda Business Center
Map : http://tkpumeda.net/access/
Phone : 06-4797-6610

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