Monday, November 22, 2010

It’s brand new but Antique!

We’d like to show you a kind of antique door at this time, but It combines vintage pattern with brand new door. One of them on the picture above.

The white color peeled off from the door and brown color coat comes out. The door ground coat disclose slightly by rubbing.The door clear or brown color of Paint-stain is getting more dingy.

How excite it is!!
We got excite by feel it’s atmosphere.

For long time ago, one of our customer bought a vintage door and asked to install it .The Antique door is too difficult to install it to the frame of entrance for new house, because it is winding and untrue.
But, if it is brand new door like that on the picture, no problem to install it to the new house. Perhaps you need to adjust wall and floor for the door.
If you want to build such as a Totoro’s house ,a western style house or a old house in England. You will love these doors. There are many people thought this way in Japan, but It’ll be difficult to connect with a maniac builder. Something like our company has.
By the way, The price of an antique door is about ¥80000.
actually it’s good price despite it has elaborate decorations. It is hard to build a whole designed house, but it is worth to try.
We would show you some of these doors at the Open-House from 20th Nov. Please join us.
If you would like any more details, check the link below.

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