Monday, November 15, 2010

Party House!!

We went to the Party at the house that our company concerned with.
It had postponed for long time because homeowner had been so busy. but, They finally held this party with friends of church where they going to.

Nearly 50 people participated in this party in the end.

How big party it is!

More than 2/3 people are from Canada or America.
The other people has a partner from abroad.

We have ever had such a party that most of participants were from abroad.
I could be understood if it was a reception of Embassy or Consular Office. but, This was just a home party.

By the way, It was a Pot Luck Party which participants should bring some food and drinks with them.We pleased to have wine, non-alcohol beer, fried chicken and Oni-manju.

Master baked sparerib for everyone on the wood deck outside.

This western style house with dry wall is the best situation to have a party like that.

Some of participants were really happy with it.

Because there is few door in the house. It seems that you are in foreign country.
If you want to know more detail, check the link below.

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