Monday, April 5, 2010

Exterior Renovation Just Started!

I started to assemble a scaffolding in I's house, Nisshin city on last Thursday. It was a little rainy day but I did it as much as possible.

This house was built 16 years ago. As far as you see the picture, it looks beautiful, but the painted concrete roof is discoloured and the inside of wood siding also receives damage by water or moisture for a long time.

It is so sorry that a customer waste much money at this time. I suppose that it would be necessary, if a renovator had taken an action properly at re-painting 6 yaers ago.
(For your reference, most of Japanese roofing materials is made of concrete and is painted on surface for water resistance.)

The discolouring occurs by that he did not clean the surface enough and painted on the stain.

When a customer came to me for advice, he said that a piece of the roof dropped off on land.

I checked it on another day, a new paint came on the back at cracking line as the picture.

It means that the crack occured before re-painting and the renovator knew it then. He does not have a common sense for his job.

I would like to come up to a customer's expectations because I could get a good relationship with him by this trouble.

By the way, I will install a Canadian asphalt shingle roofing which has a function of algae resistant and 30 years warranty. For exterior cladding, I will install the same PVC siding as I posted it before.

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