Thursday, April 15, 2010

A stone counter for island kitchen

A stone counter was put in Moriyama-ku, C's house by customer's strong request.

Weight 150kg and thickness 20mm. Cabinets for this island is bigger than usual, so the counter is huge.

The black stone with a tinge of Brown is polished carefully, and indeed it may look like mirror.

At installation the counter was lifted carefully by my staff, as it may crack.

Well, I was a craftsman of cake making in school days.
Of course, it's part-time work, but I was so professional and a boss entrusted every process.

At that time a counter was also made of a stone. So, I know a stone is most suitable for cooking.

It has high cooling function, but it isn't cooled rapidly so and that a tool is hurt.
And it is suitable to knead, to thin paste with water by hand.

I have thought that I wanted to use such stone for house building but it is so expensive.

So, in this time Home Made makes much effort to answer her request.

I must say it, the surface seems flat but stone is made of the small grains actually, there are also many gaps on the surface. So, when you spill water as it is, water enters into the inside.

Please be also careful in such thing and make a good dish by all means.

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