Friday, April 23, 2010

An open house has ended in C's house, Moriyama

This house is designed as a real American house.

It was an exhibit for only two days in weekend, but I had many customers come.

On Sunday my friend who took charge of the building code application has come to take pictures.

He is fascinated with a photography recently and took many pictures this time.

I will carry his 2 pictures here. If a camera isn't a good one as expected, it's useless.

I might not get such good pictures by my camera on cell phone.

There are a living and a dining room on both of pictures. A party of about 50 people can be helded enough here.

In a picture you can see the beauty of the arch wall and the brilliant oak floor. Don't you think it has the atmosphere in a huge American house?

The owner says that he does not like luxurious design, but if there are not these chandeliers in this house, it isn't well-balanced, is it?

Kitchen, lighting fixture and the interior coordination. I take charge of everything. I guess that no one can achieve such a level of American design.

I think that people who came to the open house is really lucky.

Please also look forward to the next work.

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