Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wrought Iron Grille is good for crime prevention

In Japan people uses aluminum grille for windows but it is easy to break and it is not helpful for crime prevention.

Because it is hollow core and thin. So, it will occur deterioration soon.

And it is fasten by screw or bolt on a wall. So, we can remove it easily.

But I, Home Made make a wrought iron grille even such a big window.

The iron parts are welded all and they are made of solid iron. You cannot break the grille easily.

Though you may not find some twisted ballusters in the grille, it looks nice a little.

When I install it on a wall, I use some anchor bolts. So, you can hang on to the grille.

At the last I make the bolt head into a ball. Then you cannot turn the bolt.

I do not install a fake grille on a window. It is important to put a thing to practical use and design.

However, please be careful. You cannot go out from inside here.

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