Friday, January 29, 2010

It may be a unique home…

Yesterday a customer decided to build his new house with us. The family lives in Hiroshima Pref. and they will move to Nishio city in the spring of 2010. Nishio is their home town near Nagoya in Aichi Pref., where we have our offices. We keep contacting on the web, telephone, or meet sometimes in person when they go to Nishio. So, it took about one year for this decision.

I respect our new customer for their hard work.

Today, we have an appointment at 11 am. Owner’s wife has her concrete image on new house and she nodded easily when she found ideal products. Customers’ discovering their favourite products depends on us. We have met similar ideas to this customers’ taste and it didn’t take a lot to focus on the products.

Now, I’d like to introduce some other goods that we’ve offered.

Ⅰ: This sink should be the most symbolic to describe her gusto. This is actually a kitchen sink but she will take it for the vanity. It’s very ancient design called “apron sink”. Its feature is the front of sink set over the counter.

Ⅱ: This is the wrought iron proof. A glass is on the elegantly waving wrought iron. It could reflect a cosy bar in a European country side.

So, the last thing is the budget. It will be one of our biggest appeals!

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