Saturday, September 11, 2010

Grandma's home was imaged. - Mr. M's house

Added a new work, Mr. M's house in my web page of Work Introduction. The house plan is based on feng shui conception and Japanese retro design in Showa period. Foe this House, while we asked a master the opinion of feng shui, we were planning the floor and exterior design.

Considering the features and usability, it is often not ideal. But we finally achieved this to use every device.

At exterior wall we installed Stucco Flex that combines durability and flexibility as a cladding material. And we installed asphalt shingle roofing with 30 years warranty on the roof.

The interior conception is the house where the owner's wife had visited a grandmother in her childhood. It can also be sticking to this even a new building. Please check the details in the page, Grandma's home was imaged. - Mr. M's house. If you want to see the video, please check the video of Mr. M's house.

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