Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nagoya was swaying from left to right for 1 or 2 eternally long minutes by the earthquake in north east Japan, although the seismic source is so far from here.

It seems so many building structures have been destroyed by the destructive tsunami waves of up to 10 meters. Not only tsunami caused those building to be destroyed. in fact, but earthquake damaged buildings at first, then tsunami collapsed those buildings.

It's time to consider about earthquake-resistant or move to new place if you're living an old house here. People whose house stands at lower than sea level might suffer disaster of big tsunami and might have an occasion to move to altitude of 33ft height above sea level.

According to some study, it is predicted to suffer destruction by tsunami in such places below. e.g. south or south west part of Nagoya, along bay coast of Ise gulf, Horikawa river, Shinkawa river, Shonaigawa river and Kiso three rivers

Noubi plain has made from pile of soft earth and sand that were carried by rivers. Land level is almost the same as sea or river. In these places, both strengthening foundation and building in earthquake-resistant construction are entirely no meaning. People only can move out this place in order to avoid such a terrible disaster.

It is about time to talk with your family about how to avoid that kind of disaster, as well. This disaster reminds me it is important to keep in touch with your neighbor, and take measures to escape damages in local community.

Below is the link to the document written about prevention against disasters. Check it!

Important information on countermeasures against earthquake disasters

by Fire and Disaster Management Agency of Japanese Government

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