Thursday, July 29, 2010

Barrel Sauna

Recently, I wrote a post about a Japanese marketing seminar that I was asked by a group of material company in Atlantic Canada through the Canadian Consulate in Nagoya. And I would like to introduce some interesting products in its group companies.

One of them, this barrel sauna.

Home sauna, Hey What a luxury!

Diameter and length 6ft x 8ft (rest area at entrance: 2ft) and it is manufactured by Barrel Enterprises.

A bubble-shaped window is made by smoke and cannot be seen from the outside.

Canadian Cedar makes you relax the mind and body by good smell of wood.

Also, an electric heater is so warm, safe and economical.

How about sauna party with family and friends in your garden?

Of course, when you do not use a sauna, you can also use it as a private room or a den.

(After the sauna, a wood-burning barrel bath is also available.)


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