Saturday, August 28, 2010

Calculated Beauty

The highlights in home design are kitchen, vanity, bath tub and lighting, etc. This time we introduce the staircase and handrail.

From a recent trend, simple and modern style, there are not so many builders who install the decorative design in houses.

It may be easier, if it is packaged together with all. But I must combine the various parts depending on the size and shape of the stairs. And a carpenter needs experience and time for the installation.

How do you think about this? I think it is art. Ballusters stand rhythmically and handrail moves three-dimensionally.

This is made of solid red oak and I can choose delicate design for ballusters. Because it is so hard and difficult to break.
When using soft pine for staircase, I will choose thick ones to increase the strength of the tread and balluster.

I have to change the materials in accordance with the place and customer's desire. It would be required to a builder.

After all, hard work is fun!

The other highlights are shown on the page of " Sales and introduction of materials ". Thanks.

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