Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Because Brick is Simple, the House is So Beautiful. -Madere-

These are orthodox red bricks. These bricks seem to be everywhere, but how will they look when they are piled up into a large wall?
As I wrote before, Hanson Brick conspicuously has a real presence that no other companies' bricks can have regarding size and texture.

Bricks from Toronto, which has a brick-cladding history, is manufactured bearing in mind how they'll look when laid together.

How do you feel about the house whose exterior is decorated with this brick?

The contrast is exquisite: white with shades of ivory in the garage, window and the eaves of the roof, dark brown in the garage door, black roof and red wall.

Also, because there's a difference of altitude on the floor between a residence area and a garage area, the house shows a rhythmical exterior, too.

The rhythms of regularly laid bricks to this rhythm are harmonious.

The design of Canadian bricklaid houses are wonderful, but we at HOME MADE alone import this brick into Japan.

That's exactly why this design can be realized by HOME MADE even in Japan.

High-grade Hanson Brick having both low moisture absorption efficiency and firmness because the bricks are baked hard.

Something can be built of only costly brick.


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