Wednesday, September 26, 2012

These are Also Red Bricks. -Vermont-

The exterior brick has a Waterstruck texture.

Is it named this because there are signs that look like the brick has absorbed water, or that jets of water has made this texture?
Either way, even a flat surface type of brick can bring out this antique impression.
This brick (Modular) is a little smaller than the MAX size we usually use. It's 7-5/8'' long and 2-1/4'' high.

There are as many as 10 small holes to put a rebar through it, but this may make it difficult for a thick rebar we use to get entangled with the mortar tightly.

In that respect, this Hanson brick doesn't seem to be suited for Japan.

But this colour which looks like having some dark brown has a more sophisticated atmosphere than a usual red brick, wouldn't you say?

A picture of the brick's building looks bright as it gets sunlight, and the change of colour also gives a very good effect.
They are indeed genuine Canadian laid bricks, aren't they?


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