Friday, September 13, 2013

A Kitchen with a nice outside view

Feeling the comfortable morning sunshine through the kitchen windows, you will enjoy the time preparing for the breakfast table.

You may want to open a window slightly to hear birds singing lovely songs in the fresh morning air.
Would you like such an open kitchen?
A wooden cabinet in the classic color of dark brown.
No hanging cupboard was planned as to provide enough clearance around your head so that you could enjoy the comfortable open space.
Both the clean countertop of granite in light gray and the kitchen walls coordinated with a color scheme of white brings you a fresh feeling.
Satin-like kitchen faucets greatly match the stainless sinks framed with granite countertop.
The faucets include a shower head and a soap dispenser.  You will feel pleasure when you wash the dishes.
Oh, I must tell you that the material of the faucets is designed to resist fingerprints and water spots which is another great feature of them.
Also I can tell you that an oxidized silver finish is selected for the material of the cabinet’s handles, and they match well with the satin-like faucets. It’s a tasteful design concept.
Designing by freely creating combinations of various components and materials freely is very important to achieve excellent results.

But usually it’s very difficult and people give up.

Only Home Made, who is a direct importer of foreign houses, can make it possible.

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