Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Feeling of Taking an Open-air Bath ~ WISH 01~

Look at this!
It is fairly difficult to design a huge glass window like this in Japan where earthquake-proof performance is required. But how wonderful this sense of space is!

In Canada, bathtubs are usually recognized as an artistic addition to a room’s interior.

Therefore we often see a bathtub in the corner of the main bedroom, but this room is likely a training room or a big bathroom.  (In Canada, a bathroom is a multipurpose space where a powder room, a toilet, and a room for taking a rest are united.)

As you see, the simple contrast of dark brown and white creates a stylish atmosphere.

This tub is a stand-alone system, and it doesn't have a jet bath function.
On the other hand, it is a roomy tub, standing 60cm tall and 150cm wide.
Therefore I think 2 adults may be able to enjoy this tub at the same time by facing each other.

And you can see a shower-faucet is standing on the floor beside the tub. 
This is another important art object.

If it's possible to use such an open and large space for taking a bath, surely our life would feel so rich.

This would make you love to take a morning bath even every day, wonuldn’t?


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