Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Natural and Open Bathroom

It’s nice to find a neat washbasin in the shape of a white bowl on a wood
bathroom cabinet.
The cabinet is made of straight-grained board from light oak timber. 
It’s designed to diminish the strong characteristics which is usually seen in oak
And, what is unique is that you don’t see any cabinet doors which would be used
in normal designs. We intentionally omitted the doors for displaying towels and
bathrobes on the shelf.
It's also interesting to know that the faucet has been fitted with an optional
pedestal to adjust its height to the deep washbasin. That contributes to you to
the faucet standing in a tall and relaxed arched form.
Soap dishes, hand towels, and some other items, will all be put on the counter of
the cabinet.  By coordinating the color and design concepts into the items, you
will be able to have a unified and stylish-feeling space instead of an image of disorganization.
Looking at such an open designed Bathroom as in the photo, everyone will be
aware of the owner’s good taste in their sense of coordination, and the laid-back
life style which can be enjoyed there.
Behind the cabinet, beige-colored mosaic tiles are put on the wall until
waist-high.  This achieves good trading of color change from the design
point-of-view, and at the same time the tiles work to protect the wall from
splashed water.
Finally, the mirror on the wall is provided with a round frame in dark brown, as
if to appeal itself in the room.
People who look at this mirror will feel an aesthetic appreciation of the selector.


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